A Chicken Nugget Sold on eBay for 100k. No, I’m Serious

By: Conor Merrick | Editor-in-Chief

Image courtesy of Innersloth

If you’re eating chicken nuggets right now, take a quick look to see if it looks like an “Among Us” character. If it does, stop what you’re doing right now.

I am pleased and confused to inform you that you might be rich now. 

A chicken nugget sold on eBay for nearly $100,000 and if that sentence comes as a surprise, imagine how it feels to write it. A user by the name of polizna listed a chicken nugget bearing a resemblance to the characters from the video game “Among Us” with a starting bid of 99 cents, according to the eBay listing

The bidding began on May 28 when the nugget originally went up for auction. The first user spared no expense and started the bid off at $14,469 two days after the original listing went live. This is still a chicken nugget we’re talking about here. By the end of the day, the bid for the nugget was up to $33,333. On June 3 at 7:28 p.m. the nugget sold for $99,997, according to the bid history of the listing

The game was originally released in June 2018. Playership peaked in popularity earlier this year and the game has attracted over 500 million users to date, according to Business of Apps. There have also been more listings for other “Among Us” chicken nuggets but they aren’t fetching the same price. It’s amazing they’re on eBay for any price at all if you ask me. 

For the uninitiated, “Among Us” is an online game where players are placed on a spaceship with their crew. The crew must perform various tasks to keep the ship stable and need to stay cautious as one of their crew members is an impostor. The impostor is tasked with taking out the crew before they can be found out. If a crewmember discovers a fallen friend, they will race to call an emergency meeting where the identity of the impostor is discussed. If they vote right, the impostor is tossed from the ship. 

The username for the auction winner only shows the first and last characters on the auction history so we’ll likely never know who this nugget afficionado is.