A Letter From The Editor

By: Gracie King | Editor In Chief


Photo by: Brooke Trochesset | Photographer

Hello fellow Jags, and welcome back to campus! My name is Gracie King, and I have the distinct honor and pleasure of serving as The Vanguard’s Editor in Chief. 

As I look ahead to the upcoming semester, I can’t help but think of the challenges we face. Freshmen are learning how to be independent, graduate students are preparing to defend months of rigorous research, and everyone in between is just trying to survive. 

If I could offer any piece of advice to our incoming freshman class, I would tell you all to take it slow. Where you start may not be where you end up, so keep your mind open to the idea of change. That’s what college is all about, right? Change? 

It truly is a daunting thought. Everything in your life is about to change. Your friends, your room, your classes, your schedule, EVERYTHING. It may be difficult to accept so many new changes all at once like a pile of bricks, but change is a beautiful thing. Cheesy, I know, but true. 

We can never truly better ourselves until we allow ourselves to change. To resist change is to be absent of your own potential. You may have your mind set on a specific path or career goal, and that’s perfectly fine. Coming into college as a freshman with a plan is, honestly, very impressive. But don’t let a plan get in the way of what’s really waiting for you. 

I started out as a Pre-Nursing student and was so eager to help people. After what felt like years of putting so much effort into biology and chemistry classes, I wasn’t making the grades I was used to, and more importantly, I wasn’t happy. 

When I changed my major to Communications, it was like seeing in color for the first time. I wasn’t just enjoying my new classes, I was doing really well in them, too. It took a long time to finally end up where I am able to thrive. But this wouldn’t have been possible unless I was open to change. 

One of the most profound things my parents ever taught me is to leave something better than I found it. When I started taking babysitting jobs, my mom told me to unload their dishwasher and pick up toys after I put the kids to bed. The first time my dad took me canoeing, I remember us stopping for each piece of garbage, no matter how small, to bring back with us. 

This is my goal as your Editor In Chief. When I graduate, I want to leave this department, paper, and campus better than I found them. I want to change them for the better. My predecessors have allowed me the opportunity to build off of the strong foundation they’ve left. In these next two semesters, I hope to leave an even stronger foundation for my successor. 

In this position, I want to be transparent, honest, balanced, and relevant. I want to deliver the truth, regardless of loyalties or biases. I want to represent the students’ wants and needs. My greatest wish is to make this publication a pillar of greatness on this campus and in this community.

Good luck and go Jags!