A New Normal

By: Ebonee Burrell | Editor in Chief

Welcome to my desk. Not only did it take a million attempts to choose the perfect title that would accumulate my thoughts into words that would tell a story, but I spent my entire summer trying to figure out how I could make this school year as normal as possible without losing my mind, my patience, and, more importantly, my time.

It’s been what feels like six months of summer, but in reality, those six months isn’t what prepared students for another school year during a global pandemic. What “prepared” them were the emails received that Sunday afternoon with class syllabi and reminders that you need to have the textbook by the second class meeting. It’s not only that another 16 weeks of college is kicking in, but you didn’t know you were out of time to thoroughly prepare yourself for it, and it was at that moment when you realized one thing: time is your biggest enemy. 

Because now it’s time to get back on a routine. 

Time to set goals for the semester. 

Time to make sure those goals are achieved. 

Time to get the education that we [students] are paying for. 

Time to try to make the most significant impact on your college career.

And more importantly, time to remember to bring your mask everywhere you go

This year comes with a new normal, which has us facing the uncertainty of the possibility of reverting to fully online. Which most students have to face anyway, including me. Trying to figure out a new way to adjust to college by practicing social distancing and having virtual events has to be a ridiculous thing that could even cross someone’s mind because college life before the pandemic didn’t require any of the above. 

It’s safe to say we’ve all lived the same year because, at the end of every day, we ask: “when will this be over?” For months, we’ve been trying to figure out the reason why we continue to look back on the worst situation that has affected us as a whole, but that time is now up because the fall semester is now in full swing.

And now it’s time to finish this semester off strong with the promised 4.0 GPA you’re speaking into existence by pushing yourself through the new normal. 

Make this experience worth it, but more importantly, make this experience count.