Abstraction: JagTV’s Newest Series

By: Hayden Cordova | Lifestyle Editor

Lights, camera… Abstraction! On Jan. 29, JagTV premiered the first episode of their latest original series, Abstraction, on the JagTV YouTube channel and broadcasted over JagTV 61.1.  Following the successful eight-episode run of “The End is the Beginning,” which concluded at the end of the Fall 2019 semester, Abstraction differs greatly from its predecessor with its advanced science-fiction setting restructured production format. 

The story revolves around Riley, played by returning The End is the Beginning co-star Joy Flanders, who hopes to find her missing brother by hacking into the Osiris Company through a process known as deep-diving, which allows the user’s fully conscious mind to interact physically with the digital world.  With this high concept, the cast and crew faced new challenges in creating a convincing, sci-fi world, particularly reliant on applying visual effects on a larger level than The End is the Beginning.

Francisco Cordova, returning co-creator and showrunner of Abstraction, discussed the two shows’ differences.

“The End is the Beginning’s strong point was the cinematography and shot composition,” Cordova said.  “I would say ‘Abstraction’s’ strong point is the visual effects.”

Joy Flanders, who also contributed to the visual effects, expressed excitement for the new technique and its possible implementations in the future.

“I think the visual effects are so cool!” Flanders said.  “Francisco actually taught me how to do some and I thought it was awesome.  Sure, it’s time-consuming, but it’s so amazing at the same time!”

What served as the most significant change from The End is the Beginning to Abstraction was the format change.  While The End is the Beginning focused on producing 20-minute anthology episodes on a bi-weekly release schedule, Abstraction compresses its production into five to ten-minute webisodes on a weekly release schedule. It plans to surpass “The End is the Beginning’s” eight-episode count with a streamlined, continuous storyline taking place across 13 episodes in total.

Charles Flowers, co-starring alongside Joy Flanders, shared his thoughts on the transition from separate episodes in The End is the Beginning to a continuous story in Abstraction.

“I think it’s easier to some extent, but it can be difficult to make sure that continuity between episodes is consistent,” Flowers said.  “We’ve got to make sure that we follow up everything that’s already been established in the world. But it’s really awesome to be able to explore that part of the production.”

Francisco Cordova related how he felt the evolving workflow will benefit the cast and crew of JagTV over the following semester.

“I feel like it’s a different level of interdependence that we have,” Cordova said. “It’s definitely more cooperative, and you might think it’d be harder, but it actually creates a better working environment since it allows people to become more familiar with each other.” 

The End is the Beginning and Abstraction both can be found on JagTV’s YouTube Channel and are broadcasted continuously on JagTV 61.1, with televisions located in the Student Center, the Communications Building, and the Rec Center.  New episodes of Abstraction premiere weekly on Wednesdays on the JagTV YouTube Channel.