All About the Jaguar Marching Band

By: Lauren Barksdale | News Editor

Ever wondered what it’s like to be a part of something bigger than yourself? The Jaguar Marching Band is that experience for many students here on campus. The members come from all different majors and hometowns, but on the field, they come together to make one big South Alabama Marching Band.

So what all goes into being a JMB member? A freshman saxophone player, Raymond Wagner, shares his experience as part of this amazing program.

 “So I’m a part of the saxophone section which is a pretty interesting group of people, sometimes we’ll all go out to eat or bowling or whatever I have a blast with them and you can always expect something unique will happen,” said Wagner.

The band has practice Tuesday-Friday from 4-6 p.m., putting in a lot of hours of hard work for the show they put on at halftime. As far as games go, the students must be in uniform and ready to play around an hour before the game begins. They warm up outside the stadium, then file into the stands to get the student section fired up during the game. 

“This year marks my tenth and final year in marching band. The journey through has been crazy and wild with something new to experience around every corner,” shared Allen Burgess about his love for band.“From new people to new places, marching band never disappointed me. I’m thankful for all the friends and family I have made over the years and will cherish for years to come.”

The Jaguar Marching Band puts in a lot of work day in and day out, all to put on a great halftime show and play stand tunes that get people excited. But the band is more than that, it’s a family, a place to belong, and many people here at South call the band a home. 

The Jaguar Marching Band has a docu-series presented by Jag TV that gives an inside look on the band as a whole. It covers their practices, performances and how they prep for game days. Follow the link to access episodes to the JMB docu-series