April 2020 Tarotscope

By: Cat Grizzle | Contributing Writer

April is a big month for all of us! On April 4th Jupiter will form a conjunction with Pluto. A conjunction is an angle of zero degrees between two planets that sparks intensity and can set things into motion. This is also a long term transit so we will be seeing it again in June and November of this year. Anything can happen during this time!

Pluto represents transformation and our relationship to power. Jupiter is all about growth and expansion as well as opening our minds to new possibilities. This is a great time for overcoming obstacles and if that ambition is channeled appropriately could lead to significant achievement. On April 7th we will experience a full moon in Libra. This brings awareness to and exposes what needs work in our life. Because this moon is in the sign of Libra there is an overall theme of finding balance and making improvements on what is imbalanced.

On April 22nd Pluto will form a quintile to Chiron. A quintile is an angle of seventy-two degrees that encourages creativity. Chiron is a comet with a unique and erratic orbit and is referred to in astrology as “the wounded healer”. This transit gives us the courage to dive deeper into our journey of personal growth in order to grow. Chiron often points us in the direction of our past traumas and experiences so that we may acknowledge them as a way to heal.

On April 23rd we will experience a new moon in the sign of Taurus inspiring us to set intentions for the next moon cycle. This moon is a great time to connect with nature and the balance between our mind and body. This new moon is also in alignment with Uranus and wants us to reevaluate our relationship with the material. There is good potential for healing in this transit if you chose to harness this energy!

And on April 24th are good friend Pluto will turn retrograde until October 4th. This transit will force us to reassess our desire for a sense of control. Retrogrades encourage us to turn inward and form new perspectives on past situations. My advice for you this month is just a gentle reminder that we are not in control, and the only thing we can control is how we chose to react to a situation. 

Aries – Eight of swords – Stagnation

It’s no surprise when I say that this birthday season looks a lot different for you Aries. But know that it is not your fault. When things don’t meet our previous expectations it is not a reason to beat ourselves up! Use this time to rethink your long term goals as a way to stay excited about the future. Don’t lose hope, this will pass. 

Taurus – The High priestess – subconscious inner self 

I know that it might not be the easiest thing for you Taurus, but don’t be afraid to dive deep this month. When we acknowledge our past we allow ourselves to learn and grow from it. It is dirty work but it does not set you back, it springs you forward. It’s time to get to know your intuition, they only want what’s best for you. 

Gemini- Ace of Pentacles – Financial reward

There is so much potential for you this month Gemini but you must be willing to put in the work. It is one thing to have the ideas and ambitions, but putting in the work that goes with it is a completely different ballgame. Keep your head down and stick to those to-do lists, it will be worth it in the end. 

Cancer- Nine of Swords – Anxiety 

This could be a tough time for the Cancers out there. Because you are so sensitive to the emotions of others it is very likely you are soaking up some residual turmoil for the world right now. It is okay to slow down and feel what you’re feeling. When you notice yourself being consumed by these emotions notice it, give it a name, and let it go. It would behoove you to have your self-care tactics at the ready. Stay strong. 

Leo – Seven of Cups – Indecision

Where do I start? Where does it end? These questions could be bouncing around your head Leo. But it’s okay to not have all the answers right now. It certainly doesn’t feel good but there is nothing you can do to find them faster. The answers will reveal themselves to you when you are ready. Lean into the uncertainty. As the ringleader it can be unnerving to take the back seat, but at this time all you can do is sit back and watch the show. 

Virgo – Nine of Pentacles- Comfort

Take time to focus on your home life this month Virgo! And I don’t mean the visual aesthetics of the place, but instead what makes a house a home to you? Often it could be other people or even ourselves that are more home to us than any house. Show gratitude towards these relationships. If they aren’t where you want them to be, what would have to change to make you feel more comfortable? 

Libra – King of Pentacles – Caution

Slow your roll Libra! Now is not the time to put yourself in the face of any risk. It may seem enticing to shake things up, but before you do make sure that you are weighing all of your options first. Things don’t need to be fast paced and exciting right now. Find ways to bring joy to the mundane. 

Scorpio – Judgement – Rebirth 

The world is going through a very sensitive time and things may not seem that different to you Scorpio. You feel things so deeply already that the sudden global move inward isn’t exactly hitting you like it is everyone else. And that’s okay. Focus on different techniques to get in touch with your emotions. If you haven’t already, I’d suggest taking up meditation. 

Sagittarius- Queen of Swords – Communication

Gotta be direct Sag! The Queen of Swords does not play around. You may find that your boundaries are being tested this month. Take care to explicitly express to others what they are and if they are crossed. Now is not the time to beat around the bush. If they really care about you, those boundaries will be respected. 

Capricorn- The Devil – Vices 

With our routines taken from underneath us you may be finding it difficult to adapt and as a result are turning towards unhealthy or addictive practices to find a sense of familiarity. Now may be a good time to examine your relationship with any substance use or self-sabotaging behaviors. 

Aquarius- Temperance – Moderation 

You don’t have to do it all at once. New projects are exciting but they take time. Standing obligations and responsibilities also take time. Don’t get frustrated with yourself because you aren’t where you think you should be. It is okay to slow down at this time. Remind yourself that life is a marathon, not a sprint. 

Pisces- Eight of Wands – Movement 

Looks like the pieces of your puzzle are falling into place Pisces! You’ve put in the work and the reward is well deserved. The rest is out of your hands. There are big things on the horizon and it could lead to fast-acting change in your life. You know the way, so enjoy the scenery on your journey.

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