Battle of the DJs – Homecoming 2019

By: Rachel Gonzalez | Contributing Writer

Homecoming 2019’s second day had a fiery kickoff as the Collegiate 100 and Women of Excellence held their annual battle to crown the “Hottest DJ of the South” in the Student Center Ballroom. 

The competition was fierce and the crowd went wild as the ballroom  filled with samples of the competing DJ’s best playlists. Students who came out to the event shouted in excitement and were dancing under the disco lights as their favorite songs blared over the speakers.

Frankie McDonald, president of Collegiate 100, explained the objective of the event. “Battle of the DJs is an event where we get DJs from the area, and we put them together in one central location to compete for a trophy, bragging rights, and a $350 cash prize,” he said. “Also, the winner of the competition is used for our annual spring event called Jammie Jams” McDonald added.

 Next year, some changes to the event will be made. Instead of having the DJs in one central location on stage, we may have them in each corner and remove the chairs, so people can turn towards each DJ as they compete.

Kayla Hammond,  president of Women of Excellence, described the collaboration between her organization and Collegiate 100, which has gone on for 7 years now. 

“This event is very important for us because it is a way to get us hyped for homecoming. It was actually one of the first events that was run by two predominantly African American organizations that was included on the homecoming schedule, so that was pretty monumental,” Hammond stated. “We are hoping this event continues to expand so we can eventually move it to a bigger location.” 

DJ Millz, the proud winner of the 2019 competition was all smiles as he explained how he got into DJing. 

“I got into DJing because my brother who passed away in 2015 wanted me to do it, so I don’t really DJ for myself, I DJ for him,” he shared. 

His interest in the profession and his DJ friends helped him develop his skill. Despite his God-given talent, DJ Millz did not think he was going to win. 

“I’m really humble about winning because I know that this is something that can be gone tomorrow,” he explained. His future plans include going on to play at big music festivals one day and possibly get picked up by a bigger artist.