Be My Valentine?

By: Jenny Biggs | Contributing Writer

Valentine’s Day. Gotta love it, right? For some people, it’s one of the greatest holidays of the year! And not to single anybody out, but it’s usually the people with a significant other. Yes, somebody to celebrate with makes all the difference…or it could be the discounted chocolate. Both are nice. But let’s not forget those Valentine’s Day haters. They’re out there. To gain a bit more knowledge on the topic, I sat down with some people to discuss their feelings about the holiday.

Dallas Sheffield, a senior here at South, works as a waiter. And you better believe that it isn’t easy to be him on a day like Valentine’s Day.

“I have nightmares about Valentine’s Day. It’s our second busiest day behind Mother’s Day! I wouldn’t say that I hate Valentine’s Day, but I hate working it,” said Sheffield. “And I was always single before I started working.” So maybe Sheffield isn’t an avid hater of hearts day, but he wouldn’t exactly be described as someone who loves it, either.

According to The Odyssey, many factors contribute to one’s feeling on the holiday. There are the obvious reasons, such as being single and lonely, or reasons that one wouldn’t even think of, such as being expected to buy gifts for loved ones. But, let us not forget the ones who look forward to February 14th. Some people love the mushiness, the candy, and the love. 

Despite all of the haters, there are some people who fancy the holiday. But, not for romantic reasons. Madison Sorrell, sophomore, said, “It’s just a happy day, you know? I don’t have a boyfriend, but I still love the day. It’s just fun.”

Statistics show that the majority of people do celebrate Valentine’s Day. Credit Donkey tells us that the day is a huge moneymaker for florists, greeting card companies, candy makers, and jewelry stores. Those are large companies, therefore, that’s a lot of smiles!

There are several reasons why people enjoy Valentine’s Day. According to Bustle, Valentine’s Day is still a favorite holiday even for those who don’t have a partner. It’s a day to not only give and receive goodies but also to appreciate love. And that’s always a reason to celebrate.