Break the Ice

By: Parker Roach | Reporter

Last Friday, Jan. 31, multiple student organizations came together in the student center ballroom for Break the Ice. The purpose of the event was to raise awareness to the students about organizations such as the Black Student Union, NAACP, Collegiate 100, Wakening Our Knowledge of Ethnicities, and the National Society of Black Engineers. 

These organizations collaborate with each other on a regular basis, and they wanted to show the students how they are all connected by hosting an event where students could directly ask members questions. 

President of WOKE Jumoke Sanusi explained more about the event.

“We want to raise awareness to the students about these lesser-known organizations,” said Sanusi. “We want to show them what we do and how we can help them.”

Parliamentarian of NAACP Kaya Wilkinson also gave details on the event.

“We just want people to explore our organizations and find out what’s for them,” said Wilkinson. “We want to bring in the minorities on campus and let them know that their voices are heard.”

The general purpose of the collective organizations is to bring people together from all walks of life and unify them through a common goal. Wilkinson described the purpose of the NAACP as a way to “unify the community through political and social justice.” 

Many people walked through the ballroom out of interest and desire to find out more about the organizations. The approachability of the members and liveliness of the event attracted many students and allowed the event to be a success. Pizza and refreshments were also provided making sure nobody left hungry. 

President of BSU, Jabari Robinson, had one simple message to the student body.

“Get involved.” 

Each of these organizations can be found on the University of South Alabama’s website with more information on how to get involved.