Broadcasting Hope Through Music: A Return to Live Music at South

By: Dustin Petridge | Lifestyle Editor

On Feb. 9th, Jaguar Productions hosted a live concert featuring the self-described pop-indie band Telehope. 

Originally from Cincinnati, OH, the band has toured nationwide the last few years and amassed a growing and vibrant fanbase with thousands of followers on Twitter and Instagram. 

Telehope consists of three band members, two of which are brothers, that strive to bring positivity and hope to listeners worldwide, especially during the pandemic. Adolph Goetz plays lead guitar and sings, while Ben Malson plays rhythm guitar and provides background vocals. The third member, Calvin Malson, plays drums and is directly related to Ben. 

After an introduction from Jaguar Productions host Amelia Zimlich, the band began the night’s events by giving a brief preview of the performance and a personal question-and-answer session with viewers. 

Throughout the night, Telehope played several original songs from their catalog, including many covers of other popular songs regularly included in their non-virtual performances. 

Temporarily titled “I’m Surprised”, the band performed a new single exclusively for South at the night’s concert. Before the song, lead singer Adolph Goetz invited viewers to create a new name for the song as they are dissatisfied with the current one.

To supplement their performances, Telehope gave background to their history and growing stardom, describing a story about their original recording studio, an old shack that “had multiple animals living in it”. 

Their most personal story was about the first song they recorded as a trio, a cover of “The Scientist” by Coldplay, which they performed live as one of the last songs in their set for the night. 

After their songs, Telehope held another question-and-answer session with audience members with topics ranging from the origins of the band to the pandemic’s impact on tour life. 

The night marks a return to live music at South despite unprecedented circumstances, demonstrating that even through rough times, people can still have fun, a clear message from Telehope’s music.  

For more information on how to attend concerts and other live events like this in the future, visit Jaguar Productions’ website.

Photo Courtesy of CincyMusic.