Career Services Hold Part Time and Summer Job Fair

Article and photo by: Brandon Clark | Contributor |

As we get closer to summer and the seasons change, so do our schedules. Summer is the perfect time to pick up a job, whether part time or full time. To prepare the students of South, USA’s Career Services put on a Part-Time & Summer Job Fair in the Student Center ballroom on March 30th.

From 10 a.m. to 1 p.m., students who stopped by had the opportunity to speak with future employers from a variety of businesses and organizations, such as Norton Lilly International, PCH Hotels and Resorts and Goodwill of the Gulf Coast. The University of South Alabama also had their own opportunities involving USA’s Prospective Student Programs, Athletic Academic Services and many others.

Moving from table to table, I had a chance to ask representative, Jessica Mitchener, of the National Flight Academy positions, what they were looking for in an employee, especially the students of South Alabama. 

“We look for South students because I’ve had the privilege of having a bunch of South students work for us in the past,” Michener said. “The caliber of student is absolutely unmatched [and] I hope to give every student that works for us, not only just the South students, a well-rounded opportunity to develop leadership skills and to have personal growth.”

Vileah Parker, a graduate student representing South’s Department of Campus Recreation, told me why students should consider on-campus jobs as much as they would off-campus positions. 

“Students should get on-campus jobs versus off-campus jobs here at South Alabama because on-campus jobs work more with their school schedule and it’s easier for them as far as time and travel,” said Parker. “Here at South Alabama in the summer, if you’re taking summer classes, you can get up to twenty- eight hours for a summer job, so you’ll get as many hours as you would on an off-campus job and still be on campus to do what you need to do.”

While the Job Fair might have passed, you shouldn’t count yourself out of the many jobs available to you as a student. For more information, visit the Career Services page on the University’s website and make sure to set up your Handshake account for other upcoming events an opportunities.