Connecting Through Dodgeball: How Students Came Together Over Music And Sport

By: Dustin Petridge | Lifestyle Editor

Photo By: Michael Dunn | Photographer

On Sep. 23, SouthSports hosted a socially-distanced 3v3 dodgeball game, open to all students, at the indoor soccer field in the Recreation Center. 

The event was accompanied by ambient mood lighting and popular music from the early 2000s, which catered to young college students’ memories and fit the dodgeball theme. 

About ten people showed up at around 8:30 p.m., ready to compete in dodgeball in the classic game’s pandemic-friendly format. As the night went on, more students joined and the teams increased in size. 

Stephen Newhouse, Sports Coordinator for SouthSports, stated that the dodgeball game’s inspiration was for students to maintain a college experience safely during the pandemic. 

“We wanted to give students a fun experience during COVID-19 but we couldn’t host an event with more than ten people, so a 3v3 match seemed perfect given the circumstances,” Newhouse commented when asked about how the idea for the night came about. 

As far as promotion for the event, the Daily Digest, in addition to South’s website, were significant factors in bringing in more students to participate, according to Newhouse.

“We wanted to put on an event that would bring more exposure to fun, socially distanced events on campus that could be done during the pandemic,” Newhouse added. 

Nick McGallagher, a freshman, participated in the dodgeball game for most rounds. 

“The game was surprisingly fun and turned out great for what they had,” McGallagher said.  

To join upcoming events from SouthSports and find out more information about events in the Rec Center, keep an eye on the Daily Digest or visit their website for more.