Dr. John Steadman is Stepping Down as Dean

By: Marissa Mason | Managing Editor

“I’ve had a good run as dean, but I think that it may be time for someone new to step in and take the position,” College of Engineering Dean Dr. John Steadman said.

Steadman announced he plans to step down as dean and looks forward to returning to a tenured, full-time teaching position in August after his long service.

There is a chance, however, that Steadman would remain dean if a suitable replacement is not found by August

A committee has been selected to help search for a new dean. The new dean must have not only the required specifications but impress the members of the board to get accepted.

Fulfilling the role of a dean is no easy task. The dean helps to manage the budget and any official activities for the entire college. Even if a dean is ambitious, the budget might not permit them to move in the direction they wish.

“I think budgeting is always an issue,” Steadman said. “That will be the most difficult task for any dean who steps in.”

Steadman cited the increasing amount of engineering students in Shelby Hall as one of the trickier subjects.Steadman stated that either Shelby Hall would have to expand, or the college would have to make use of other, pre-existing buildings.

“We have a state of the art building here- I believe that- but it was built to accommodate 50 percent more students than we had when it was built,” Steadman said. “Now we have about 100 percent more students than we had then.”

Aside from dealing with the various difficulties a dean faces, the new dean is responsible for managing students, faculty and staff as well as their concerns.

“I hope the new dean will listen to the faculty and staff, but also the students,” Steadman said. “I think that is the key- and patience. Patience is important.”