Entertainment From a Distance: South’s First Zoom-Based Magic Show

By: Dustin Petridge | Lifestyle Editor

Photo By: Michael Dunn | Photographer

On Nov. 4, Jaguar Productions hosted a virtual magic show with globally-renowned magician, hypnotist, and mind reader Mat Lavore. 

Lavore, originally from West Palm Beach, FL, grew up fascinated by magic shows from popular magicians like David Copperfield. After graduating, he traveled the world seeking training from the best hypnotists around, returning after months to give his newfound talent to U.S. audiences from everywhere in the country. 

Students filed into the Zoom call to experience a night of world-class tricks and mind-boggling illusions. 

Lavore quickly went to work, displaying an eccentric personality and precise attention to detail with card tricks that directly involved attendees. 

Through multiple acts, Lavore demonstrated his ability to entertain by connecting the date of the night to a series of seemingly unrelated numbers on a board he had pre-prepared. This resulted in amazement from most participants as Lavore could not have possibly known the numbers chosen by the viewers. 

Lavore’s later tricks involved utilizing common statistical websites, like Google Stats and Wikipedia Stats to try to read the minds of volunteers about their preferences in popular culture. 

About halfway through the session, multiple other students joined the call to witness the magic, with a few being immediately selected to participate in more tricks. 

As the night progressed, the acts appeared to become more complicated, with one trick involving him asking a participant to choose numbers set on his wristwatch in advance. 

“I didn’t even know how to respond.” Student Mariah Dalton said after seeing her numbers appear on his watch. 

Lavore closed out the night with a final mind-reading trick and a reference to the wildly popular Netflix series “Stranger Things”. 

The night was a very unique take on a magic show and a success for the students in attendance as well as with the Jaguar Productions staff members. For more information on how to join future events from Jaguar Productions, visit their website