Eyes on the Road

By: Parker Roach | Contributing Writer


“I’m just going across campus.”

The quote above may not be said aloud, but it is often thought by students as they get in their cars with the intent of driving to one of their classes or to an organization. The idea of “casual driving” is one that is prevalent in today’s society.

The Association for Safe International Travel reports that 20-50 million people worldwide are injured by car-related accidents every year. Distracted driving accounts for over 421,000 of these injuries. While this number seems small in comparison to the total number of people injured by cars, each life is equally as important as another.

 Drivers need to be reminded of why distracted and casual driving doesn’t work:

1. Cars are one of the United States’ greatest weapons.

According to WebMD, automobile accidents are one of the leading causes of death in the United States. More people die because of cars than firearms. This fact alone should bring about more care when driving. 

2. Drivers can’t multitask.

You are not scientifically capable of doing two things at once. If you are controlling a machine that can kill on contact, you should focus on operating that machine with safety. Picking up your phone should not be an option while driving a car. Nothing is as important as the lives that are in your hands.

3. It’s Illegal.

Driving while texting and driving without a seatbelt are both illegal. At the very least, if you’re lucky, you will get a ticket or a fine if you are caught. If you’re unlucky, you can hurt or kill somebody by driving carelessly.

A survey from DriversEd.com showed that 54% of drivers admit to texting while driving. Don’t let this dangerous, reckless, murderous action become the social norm. Casual driving isn’t a thing. Pay attention.