February 2020 Tarotscope

By: Cat Grizzle with contributions by Sydney McDonald 

Thanks to the new moon in Aquarius that we experienced at the end of January we have a clear vision and a feeling of rejuvenation to start the month of February. With a full moon in Leo on the 9th, you might be feeling sluggish and bogged down by past emotions that were not properly dealt with. Make sure you take the time to bear witness to your feelings. 

On the 16th, pesky Mercury will be retrograde until March 9th. Use this retrograde to uncover every stone and form a new perspective on your past experiences. Find the silver lining in what you went through to help you move forward. Remember, Mercury is the planet of communication. Use this time to open communication with others and more importantly, yourself about anything you’ve been holding in from the past. As with any retrograde season, self-care is the name of the game. 

We round out the month with Jupiter forming a sextile to Neptune on the 20th and a new moon in dreamy Pisces on the 23rd. This is a great time to get back in touch with any spirituality, goals or dreams that you have and expand your experience with that influence in mind. Take a few moments to make sure your actions are aligning with your words.

Aries – The four of swords – retreat 

It comes as no surprise Aries that you can push yourself too hard and too far. Try to schedule in some designated self-care time in your weekly schedule. Make sure you’re not taking on too many tasks. Use this month to examine and rid your agenda of any unnecessary baggage. Tend to your fire and don’t let it go out.  

Taurus – Death – an ending

Don’t worry, contrary to popular belief, this is not a “bad” card! With every ending there comes a new beginning. Use this time to accept the situation and embrace the change. You will be stepping into something that is more in line with what is right for you. Taurus, we know you don’t like to let go, but it’s in your favor this time! 

Gemini – Seven of wands – defensiveness 

Chill Twin Star! It’s okay to be vulnerable, even if you have a hard time doing so. Try as you might deny it, you deserve the same love that you put into the world. Not only from family, friends or lovers, but also from yourself. Your ruling planet is retrograde this month, so use it to your advantage. 

Cancer – Six of cups – kindness 

Your cup overfloweth, remember to share the wealth. Lean on your support system this month. They will catch you. Mercury retrograde is a great time to do some self-reflecting for all the signs, but it’s especially important for you dear Cancer to get in touch with your emotions (if you aren’t already). We know you love examining the past, so use it to your favor this month. 

Leo – Seven of pentacles – patience

Breathe. Your time will come, but only if you do the work first. Slow and steady gives you time to double-check your answers. Stay away from comparing yourself to others who have not had the same journey. As social as you are, February will be a good month for you to spend some time with yourself, Leo. 

Virgo – Justice – balance/fairness

Somebody’s got to lay down the law and who better than you Virgo! Careful not to stray too far from your lane, however. Intervene only if absolutely necessary. You can’t force people to help themselves. It’s not always as simple to them as it may be to you. Be patient in any attempt to offer guidance or advice. 

Libra – Five of wands – arguments 

The straw that breaks the camel’s back may also uncover that which the camel has repressed. If you find yourself in an argument take a second to reframe the situation. Are you upset because of the surface-level reasons, or are there repressed emotions that need to be dealt with once and for all? Mercury retrograde is calling for accountability and balance. Find ways to bring your Libra logic to the obstacles that block your path. 

Scorpio – Page of swords – immaturity 

What are you doing?! You know better! Examine the real reasons why you are repeating unhealthy patterns. Be brutally honest with yourself and acknowledge what no longer serves you. It’s important not to sugar coat any toxic behaviors for yourself, Scorpio. Use your watery energy to wash everything clean and start fresh. 

Sagittarius – The Tower – release 

The time has come. Maybe you’ve been ready for this ending or maybe you’ve been dreading it. Either way, it’s best not to put it off any longer. Let go and move forward. Something better is coming. Who better than mutable Sag to know how to move forward. Go on! What are you waiting for? 

Capricorn – Knight of wands – risk/passion 

You’ve been plotting Capricorn, I see you! Now you must take action. Throw caution to the wind! You’ve been playing the slow game and your ideas are finally coming to fruition. No need to play it safe, you’ve got this. You’re a hard worker, and everyone knows it, so now is just the right time to show off how much you can really do. 

Aquarius – Six of pentacles – charity 

Look back at your life and the people that have helped you get where you are today. Because of the kindness, you have been given, you are encouraged to pay that same kindness forward. It takes a village to throw a good party. This is your month Water Bearer! Share your passion and open-mindedness with the people around you. 

Pisces – Five of swords – hostility 

Drop your weapons! No one is out to get you! In the past, you have had to fight for your survival. Trust that here in the present, your needs will be met with respect. Dreamy Pisces, use this Mercury retrograde to spend time exactly there, in your dreams! Sleep, relax, reflect. It sounds like a weekend well spent, right?