Firefighters and Ambulances called to Shelby Hall

Conor Merrick | Editor-in-Chief | |

Firefighters and ambulances with flashing lights were visible in front of Shelby Hall on South Alabama’s campus after being called to for a potential gas leak Sept. 30.

Shelby Hall houses South Alabama’s schools of engineering and computing.

Firefighters and ambulances were on the scene at approximately 5:45 p.m to assess the situation.

The Vanguard spoke with Fire Chief Ken Keller to find out what happened. 

“There was a report of a possible gas leak. We arrived on scene and our crews came in and went into the chemical engineering lab and one of the professors was mixing some chemicals and her eyes started burning so she exited the lab and called us which was a smart thing to do,” Chief Keller told the Vanguard.

A team went inside to do air quality testing to make sure no toxic or dangerous chemicals were still in the building. Air quality tests came back normal and no one was hurt during the incident, according to Chief Keller.