Fresh(2022) Movie Review

By: Alexander Bowler | Contributing Writer

Photo courtesy of IMDb

Mimi Cave’s directorial debut, starring Daisy Edgar-Jones and Sebastian Stan, was released to Hulu on March 4, 2022. As a psychological thriller, it’s the perfect movie to watch with some friends, a little hot chocolate, and a cozy blanket.

  • Overview: Two best friends take down a serial cannibalist with setbacks and a slippery slope of desperate love.
  • Overall Rating:7/10


  • Plot: 8/10 

You might hate me, but I think some of the parts of this movie are pointless and fluff the film from the true storyline. 

  • Characters:
    • Chad: 7/10
    • We saw development in who he is at the very beginning. Whether or not he is a good guy or a bad guy, is for you to decide. He is definitely inconsiderate and racist.
  • Steve: 8/10
  • The two points are deducted because there is not enough elaboration on what happened the first time he had human meat, which leads to all of this insanity. The character had us looped in the first half being a genuine, and compassionate guy. When we find out it’s all a ruse, the insanity of a cannibal is really written well into this role.
  • Paul: 5/10
  • He really had me for a minute. The dude’s a coward, but I cannot blame him. Although he and Molly were close before, they clearly fell off somewhere along the line. I feel as if he was just thrown in there because the character didn’t bring much of anything to the plot.
  • Molly: 9/10
  • She is a real queen of a woman. She did not stop trying for her friend, even when she thought she hit a brick wall. Her intelligence threw all of the barriers aside. 
  • Noa: 7/10
  • Basically, I am not gonna call her ignorant, but what she did was ignorant. She ignored Molly and did something nobody should ever do. This led to the hurt and injury of her and her best friend.
  • Penny: 4/10
  • This character, again, felt as if she was just thrown into the plot. Nothing really significant came from the story with having this character there. However, she did allow an explanation to keep the plot progressing through Molly and Noa.
  • Consistency: 9/10

None of the women held by Steven show even the slightest bit of being dirty, even though we know that Noa hasn’t showered since being held captive. Seeing her exercise, we know she definitely produced sweat since being held captive.

  • Effect: 3/10

Overall, this movie seems to be more psychological horror than anything. This movie will definitely put you into a more aware and skeptical state if you are currently in the dating scene. The reason its effect is so low is that you don’t have time to connect to either character before the movie flips to its darker plot. I would not even get the tiniest nightmare from this movie and could watch it at 3 a.m. and still go to sleep the next hour.

  • Cinematography: 10/10 

The imagery was absolutely astonishing, the lighting was perfect, and every angle and every shot gave the image and feel it wanted to give. My favorite was the last scene before Noa gets revenge. (I’ll save the details for you to watch)

Overall, it’s a decent movie when it comes to the horror genre. The directors, actors, and producers executed the movie exactly how it was supposed to come across. The sets and the location of the movie allowed this to have the psychological effect it was meant to. Everyone wonders what the 1% in society does with their money, and this movie brings a creative light to a well-known conspiracy theory. People for decades believe that the wealthy make deals with the devil or do cultish/ritualistic things to gain their influence. Fresh emboldens this idea that not only does it happen, but there are normal people like you and me who provide these rich men and women with the means to indulge in such acts. Though it’s definitely a horror film, there were still moments of humor. It excites me to see what’s to come from Searchlight in the future!