Get On Board Day

By: Jessica Miller | Contributing Writer

On Wednesday, Jan. 29, several booths set up in the student center to inform students about the organizations on and near campus that they could be a part of. Organizations such as  the Baptist Campus Ministry, Active Minds, Spectrum, and the Jewish Culture Club were represented at Get On Board Day 

The Jewish Culture Club is a new organization on campus. President Michael Ranehart invites everyone to attend meetings regardless of religion or political affiliation. On their flyers, they advertise food, movies, and field trips. 

“The Jewish Culture Club is excited and pleased to bring Jewish Culture and Jewish Education to the forefront of the USA student body,” Ranehart stated. 

Active Minds is a group dedicated to the support and awareness of mental health. They host many events on campus including yoga, and meetings, and also provides information on eating disorders, depression, anxiety, and other mental health organizations.

“We are a non-judgment zone where everyone is able to share their stories to be able to know they’re not alone,” explains Brandon Raines, President of Active Minds.  Their booth was very informative, with information about their current events displayed. 

One of the booths, UDayspring, had a booth set up with a Nintendo Switch, where students could compete against each other in Mario Kart. Another booth had a bowl full of lollipops students could enjoy. The Baptist Campus Ministry asked students questions about faith and information about Tuesday night meetings and representatives from Jag Media were handing out buttons and information. 

The diversity of students was showcased in the variety of organizations represented and members involved. Just about anything that people want to be a part of has a place here on campus at South.