Get on Board Day

By: Lauren Barksdale | News Editor

Get on Board Day is an annual event South holds to encourage students to get involved in activities and campus life. The event was held at the student center last Wednesday and Thursday from 11-1 and had representatives from Jaguar Productions, Independent Music Collective, AED, Green Jags, Spectrum, and many other programs. Students had the ability to walk around and get information from each booth the organizations had set up. 

When asked about the event, Ashley Parker said, “I thought the best thing was that all the different clubs were in the same place so it was easy to find the ones I wanted to talk to.”

The importance of getting involved with an organization is high for both incoming and established students. Getting involved improves social skills and can help students form bonds and find friends.

Additionally, according to Kimberly Yavorski who writes for Collegiate Parent, “A Cal State Sacramento study found that students who got involved on campus had higher rates of retention and graduation as well as higher GPAs” (1).  So getting involved is beneficial not only to student’s social skills but their academic performance as well. 

Get on Board Day boasted lots of student participation and generated a lot of interest in the organizations that were represented.