Get On Board – In Person

By: Amelia Rose Zimlich | Managing Editor |

One of the perks of having a semi-normal semester is the chance for student organizations to be more visible on campus and for new students to get involved more easily. Get On Board Day was put on by the Office of Student Activities and held in the Student Center on Aug. 25 and 26, in-person for the first time since the fall semester of 2019.

“What we hope this year brings is just a lot more opportunities for the new students here on campus,” said Christopher Allen, a member of both The BIG Club, which supports the Big Brothers Big Sisters of South Alabama, and Collegiate 100, an organization devoted to instilling leadership skills in African American men. “We’re just trying to showcase our organization to give them an opportunity to join, connect more on campus and get active.”

Table displays gave more information about organizations, such as meeting times and social media handles, and featured photos of various events and activities in which prospective new members could participate. Representatives from each club talked to interested students and answered questions about group activities and events planned for the semester.

E-Sports Club at their table by: Amelia Rose Zimlich

A common theme among organizations was holding in-person meetings and events. Though some organizations held meetings online or in a reduced setting, being physically present with fellow members was an aspect that was sorely missed through most of last year, even among the most virtual-centric student groups.

“We hope to have an in-person competition this year as well as to have some community game nights where we actually meet in person,” said Brianna Ladner, a member of USA E-Sports. “We’re lucky to be one of the only clubs that works really well virtually, but we still weren’t able to meet at all or to have any LAN competitions, which is the fastest and most competitive way that we can compete, so we’re just hoping to have both of those.”
If you missed Get On Board Day, visit the Registered Student Organizations page for a full list of South’s student groups. With over 200 options to choose from, there are plenty of opportunities to get involved.