Glow in the Dark Jags

By: Rachel Gonzalez | Contributing Writer

Last Thursday, Jaguar Productions hosted “Glow Dodgeball” at the indoor soccer court in the recreation center from 6 -8 p.m. There was music, glow-in-the-dark lights, excited shouts, and sounds of squeaky tennis-shoes that filled the student rec center.

KenAndre Smiley, the Special Events Chair of Jaguar Productions, explained that the event was designed to be a “fun, stress-reliever event” for South students to enjoy after a tough first few weeks of school. 

“It will show the students that there are some fun things going on at the campus and is also a great way to meet new people,” said Smiley. 

The event is geared towards freshmen, who often are in a new environment, and don’t have as many friends yet. 

 “Not only will they meet new people, but they will be meeting people with similar interests,” Smiley explained. 

Starshine events worked with Jaguar Productions to help put on this event. When it comes to dodgeball, students are relieving stress and engaging in physical activity, so it gets pretty fun fast. 

Jaguar Productions plans to keep hosting fun events, like dodgeball, for students to enjoy. The heat and unpredictable weather deter some of the outdoor events; however, the student rec center is always a viable option. One thing that really marked the success of the event was the fact that it was something unique and new. According to Smiley, the popularity of the event motivates Jaguar Productions to keep up the creative process and plan new events outside of students’ comfort zone. 

With the event being free, it encourages students to join in on the fun, especially those that are on a tight budget. Incentives such as food, music, t-shirts, or donating money to a great organization can help motivate students to participate in events.