Got A Secret?

By: Kaytlin Thornton | Contributor

Photo credit: Jaguar Productions.

From Feb. 15 through March 5, Jaguar Productions will host an event to promote mental health awareness within the University community. PostSecretU is the official secret-sharing program for colleges and other organizations. 

PostSecretU is where students anonymously write down any secrets they have on postcards that will be displayed later on in the semester. These secrets can be whatever the students want to share: serious, funny or even embarrassing. The purpose of the event is to bring the USA community together and show that we are not alone in our struggles.

With the added stress and anxiety from the pandemic making the busy college life even more difficult to deal with, PostSecretU offers an interactive and engaging way to raise awareness about mental health. A public display of secrets from others that students can relate to and identify with shows them that they can reach out for help if they feel like they need it.

Amelia Rose Zimlich, the Jaguar Productions chair, has high hopes for the program. 

“This past year has been isolating in many ways,” said Zimlich.  “My wish is that this event allows us to relate to each other and once the secrets are displayed, we have more in common than we realize.  Each of us could use a little support and PostSecretU gives us just that. I believe that the secrets will showcase the diverse range of personalities we have on campus.”

Students can come and share their secrets at the table next to the Jaguar Productions ticket window on the first floor of the student center. Participants are also encouraged to spread the word by posting a picture with their “I shared my secret” sticker and the hashtag #USAPostSecretU.