Green Jags Interest Meeting

By: Hayden Cordova | Lifestyle Editor

On Tuesday, Aug. 27, the Green Jags, formerly known as USA Sustainability Committee, held their first interest meeting of the semester at the Student Center.  The student-run group is an earth health organization that promotes sustainability across campus. The meeting was held as an overview of the Green Jags initiative for new students interested in learning more about the group.

The Green Jags raise awareness for their green goals with various activities and community service events throughout the year.  Most notably, members help maintain South’s community garden on campus, the Food Bayou. Located by the Intramural fields, the garden provides healthy organic foods grown pesticide-free and donated to charities and community volunteers, according to its page on the USA website. 

“With about eight raised garden beds, it’s one of the biggest things we put effort into,” said Madeline Boudreaux, president of the Green Jags.

When asked what motivated them to check out the meeting, several students cited a personal love of ecology and a passion for a healthy earth as their motivation in coming.

“Over the summer, I was looking for some sort of green group at South,” said Annalise Bonner, one of the students who attended.  “I saw this in the USA Daily Digest and decided to come check it out, and I’m really glad I did.”

Diego Calderon-Arrieta, Secretary of the Green Jags, discussed the skills that members gain from working with the Green Jags.

“I was really glad to see a lot of freshmen involved because I really think that this is a great opportunity for motivated students to come and learn leadership and teamwork skills that fill out a great candidate for any type of job that they apply to in the future,”

As for upcoming events, the Green Jags plan to provide campus cleanups, a hunger banquet to raise awareness of food disparities in the community, workshop days in the campus garden, and participate in the Rise for Climate Mobile Bay climate change awareness event at Bienville Square, Mobile, AL on Friday, Sep. 20.

With a well-rounded schedule of upcoming events, a strongly motivated staff of officers, and a positive turnout of prospective members, the Green Jags have a lot to look forward to in the future.