Hancock Whitney Stadium to Serve Alcohol

By: Ebonee Burrell | Editor in Chief

Ladd-Peebles Stadium, USA’s current home football stadium, serves alcohol at home games to students and fans that are over the age of 21. Hancock Whitney Stadium will be South Alabama’s first football stadium that will open in Fall 2020.

The University of South Alabama is a “dry” campus, simply meaning alcohol sales are not allowed to be sold anywhere on campus.

How will this affect the crowds? Football games are meant to be enjoyed with chants, tailgating and good drinks. With no alcohol sales allowed at Hancock Whitney Stadium, it could upset majority of fans that come to enjoy football games with an ice cold beer. Permitting alcohol sales will bring in more than enough money to help fund anything towards the stadium.

The lift to the ban on alcohol sales are becoming more common on college campuses across the country. Alcohol sales are even permitted to college stadiums near South Alabama such as Tiger Stadium, LSU, and Veterans Memorial Stadium, Troy.  

The university has not yet decided if alcohol sales will be allowed in Hancock Whitney Stadium for the Fall 2020 football season. This may be the last season any alcohol will be permitted at South Alabama football games.