Impeachment Watch: Week 2

By: Liv George | Contributing Writer

The past two weeks have brought a sweeping bought of investigations by the House of Representatives. There have been 22 voluntary requests for statements or production of papers: 19 subpoenas, or lawful order for statements or documents; and the House has heard 12 testimonies so far. 

Worth noting is what exactly the House of Representatives is attempting to do and. impeaching a President is essentially a process by which the legislative body formally votes to indict the President of a crime. This vote calls for the President to be brought to trial, following the Due Process clause of innocence until proven guilty. It does not, however, remove the President from office. Historically presidents have stepped down following their impeachment. 

President Trump has filed several appeals, attempting to block subpoenas requesting his financial records and other information pertinent to the impeachment inquiry. President Trump has lost most of his appeals, having to hand over whatever the Judiciary Committee needs. 

Those in President Trump’s corner are also taking measures to block what they believe is an unfounded investigation. Last Wednesday, a group of House Republicans stormed into a deposition being run by the committee. With Matt Gaetz at the helm, they asserted that the impeachment inquiry is a “sham”, as reported by CNN.

The likelihood of this investigation being completely without merit is very low, considering that Bill Taylor, a US diplomat in Ukraine testified this past week that President Trump did in fact use military aide to persuade Ukraine into investigating the Biden family. Upcoming testimony from Tim Morrison who was a diplomatic advisor for Russia and Ukraine is expected to further back up the claims of collusion. 

This brings this week’s impeachment watch to a close. Be sure to check back in next week for more important details as we follow and report these events as they unfold.