Jag Wellness Day

By: Lauren Barksdale | News Editor

The Student Health Center held Jag Wellness Day, this event provided free screenings for USA students for STDs, anemia, blood sugar levels, and flu shots. Everyone gets sick sometimes, from the common cold to the flu. Here at South, the Student Health Center is always there is provide services to those who need it. 

“Jag Health and Wellness Day is an event that’s sponsored by the Student Health Center in partnership with the Wellness Alliance… we come together and plan this event to assist students in addressing their wellness needs and educating students about health and wellness,” FeAunté Preyear, a staff member at the Student Health Center explained. “We open up the department, allow students to come in to tour the facilities, meet the staff, take advantage of the free health screenings.”

This is an annual event that is held every fall for students to become familiar with the Health and Wellness Center. Dozens of trained nursing students were assisted with taking people’s vital signs, measuring height and weight and assisting the doctors with physicals that were given for free. STD and laboratory testing were also provided. 

South’s priority is to keep all students healthy and that includes mental health. Counseling services and surveys for mental health were also recommended for students who were interested. 

Jag Wellness Day encompassed many different aspects of health from physical to mental and provided a way for students to get tested discreetly, find out more information, and get checked for their overall health and well being.