Jags After Dark

By: Lauren Barksdale | News Editor

Last Thursday evening, Jaguar Productions hosted Jags After Dark in the student center. The event boasted a glow-in-the dark mini-golf course, roller rink, oxygen bar and a photo booth. Food and drinks were also served in the ballroom for jags to enjoy. 

The oxygen bar was by far the most popular attraction at this event. Students got to use disposable nose tubes, or cannulas, to inhale flavored oxygen from different bottles that had been set up at the bar and each bottle was a different flavor.  According to onhealth.com, the oxygen is supposed to increase energy, decrease stress, and “generally relax the body.” Though the bar attracted a lot of students, both the roller rink and mini golf areas were highly populated by people as well. 

LaTevia McBride, one of the attendees of the event, shared her favorite part of the exciting night.

“The photo booth, what girl doesn’t like pictures?! I have been to everything except glow golf, but I’m headed there next,” McBride said excitedly. 

Many people went through the photobooth first since it was near the beginning of the action, then worked their way through mini-golf and the other attractions. 

The event was hosted by JP and Cori Baldwin, the membership development chair for the organization, talked about similar events they hosted.“Just about every week we have something, it’s not always upscale but we always have events going on.” 

According to Baldwin, Jags After Dark is hosted once a semester. She explained that it is something that JP will continue to do because of the outpouring involvement.