Jaguar Productions and SGA Present Drive-In Movie Night

By: Brandon Clark | Contributor |

Photo by: Andrew Bryant | Photographer

Jaguar Productions (JP) and the Student Government Associaton (SGA) came together on Jan. 19 to host a special drive-in screening for the hit movie “Shang-Chi and The Legend of the Ten Rings.”

As students drove up to the Intramural Fields to enjoy the production, they were treated to complimentary popcorn and blankets. Moviegoers also received a radio channel that allowed the movie audio to be played directly from each car’s stereo.

Planning for the screening took place several months before the event date to ensure that the movie night was a success.

“We are partnered up with SGA, and we had talked about it back in November,” said KenAndre Smiley, president of JP. “That’s when we first met up with the vice president and the president [of SGA].” 

Smiley also elaborated on the many factors the two organizations had to consider before putting the idea into motion, such as an available date and location to hold the event as well as a movie that would be widely enjoyed by the students in attendance.

Of the audience there, Haley Wiley, a recent graduate from South, stopped by for the screening after seeing what was happening in the parking lot and explained that she liked the concepts JP was introducing.

Smiley stated that, as of now, this is the only drive-in movie planned for the semester, but another could be possible. Smiley said that if the student body would like to have another drive-in movie, they should “reach out to JP, and definitely reach out to one of our board members through email or just wherever you see our friends in red shirts.”

Students interested in getting involved with JP can email the Membership Development Chair at Students interested in connecting with SGA can email the SGA President at