Jaguar Production’s Headphone Glow Party

By: Rachel Gonzalez | Contributing Writer

Jaguar Productions hosted the Headphone Glow Party, one of their most anticipated events, on Thursday evening in the Student Center. Students waited outside of the ballroom excitedly as members of JP handed out glow sticks, necklaces, bracelets, and rings in bright, neon colors. The ballroom was quickly filled as the students collected their headphones and joined the crowd for a night of dancing and fun with friends.

“We put on this event to get everybody pumped up and ready for spring break,” said DeSiona Grider, JP’s financial director. “To put everything together we made a lot of phone calls and did a lot of emailing to get the DJ’s together and to spread the word.” 

For an onlooker, it may have seemed quite odd and yet comical to see people dancing and jumping around with no music on. But as soon as one put on the headphones they could instantly understand why everyone was so full of energy and singing along to the lyrics. DJ Millz, DJ Ziggy, and DJ Dzre provided three music stations. Students could change their headphones between blue, red, and green if they wanted to switch up the music. 

The event was a favorite for many, including Constance Wilson, a junior at South. 

“I have hyperacute hearing, which means my hearing is very sensitive,” Wilson said. “I loved that I didn’t need to wear earplugs. I could adjust the volume on the headphones and enjoy the event just like everyone else, which isn’t something I can normally do with my hearing condition.” 

There were many arcade-style games for those who wanted to play one-on-one against their friends. This allowed more options for students who wanted to take a break from dancing.