LoDa Art Walk

By: Martyce Allen | Web Editor

On the second Friday of every month, LoDa Art Walk takes place in downtown Mobile in the Lower Dauphin (LoDa) Arts District from 6 – 9 p.m. The community is invited to enjoy local art, galleries, and other great venues on the streets of downtown. The event takes place through a partnership between the Mobile Arts Council and the City of Mobile Special Events.

Bowen Flowers, owner of “OG Threads” set up shop with his clothes hanging on a rolling clothing rack outside of “Game Over” bar. He describes Art Walk as a way for artists to be exposed to the city and gives everyone, the youth especially, to see what’s new in their area and to get involved.

 “We are bringing competitive energy in fashion to the scene of Mobile and we care about the local scene of Mobile and would like to offer what the general public has never been offered before in what way that we can,” said Flowers. 

D’Angelo Bennett, owner of “AllNight Co” Media and Mobile Native, is a local photographer that comes out for almost every art walk. He explained that events like this give kids that come home from school and have nothing to do, something to do. 

“It’s all about people coming out and doing their thing, being creative and doing what they want,” said Bennett. “Anybody who comes to our events are ‘creatives’ in their own way.

LoDa Art Walk is free and has been a central part of Mobile’s Arts and Culture for nine years. Over 1,500 people visit the Mobile’s Art Council gallery to view current exhibitions and outside vendors per event. Art Walk generates freedom of expression for people of all ages and also helps gains interest in the city.