Lupercalia Art Gallery: The Newest Face of Mobile Arts

By: Ebonee Burrell | Editor in Chief

Loda Art Walk presents local art, featured galleries and other handcrafted ideas throughout the streets of Downtown Mobile, Alabama on the second Friday of every month. Loda Art Walk has been a part of Mobile for over nine years now and continues to generate over 1,500 visitors every month. 

Loda Spooky Art Walk was Oct. 11, 2019. Students, locals and volunteers came out to enjoy a night of exploring the different talents that participate in this event. The opening of a new art gallery by Trey Oliver, Warden for the Mobile Country’s Sheriff Department and owner of the galley was held on the east end of Dauphin Street. Oliver came to the realization that he could create art for people besides himself and brought it out into the public world. 

“I put on a hat and sunglasses and went to set up my table, and I snuck across the street to watch. I was mainly worried about people thinking it looked like crap,” Oliver explained. “My first night I sold nine pieces, a star was born! I could not have won a Grammy and been any happier.”

Lupercalia Art Gallery, located on 358 Dauphin St., will be the newest face of Mobile Arts with featured paintings and collages that were made by inspiring artists. Lupercalia invited many guests to come celebrate and enjoy the opening of the new gallery in their best “Roaring 20s” attire to acquire the theme of the speakeasy. The gallery filled with an amazed crowd that enjoyed the different visions of art and soft tunes from the live performance by Roman Street.

Loda Art Walk is a staple to Mobile’s arts and culture that invites the public to enjoy different types of art, food and music in Downtown Mobile. The event is held through a partnership between the Mobile Arts Council and the City of Mobile Special Events.