Magic at South with Mat Lavore

By: Hayden Cordova | Lifestyle Editor

On Wednesday Nov. 20, professional magician Mat Lavore entertained South students with his unique blend of sleight-of-hand, mind-reading and hypnosis. Currently touring across college campuses, Lavore drew many students hoping for a chance to be amazed, such as Tucker Tolbert and his friends that attended the show.

“A friend of mine found out about this on social media and we all decided to come out,” said Tolbert.  “It just seemed like a pretty cool thing to go to. I’ve seen a couple magic shows before, and I really like trying to figure out how the trick works. Sometimes you can figure them out pretty quickly and sometimes it just seems impossible.”

Lavore made solving his magic tricks considerably difficult with seemingly impossible feats such as swallowing and threading needles in his stomach, or accurately guessing what attendees were thinking of in audience-wide number problems. 

In a standout trick, Lavore performed a form of hypnosis on several volunteers from the audience, causing them to fall asleep on command and making them believe various ideas through the power of suggestion. Brianna Brown, one of the volunteers, become momentarily convinced that her name was Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson III, as well as being led to believe that she was stuck to the chair she was sitting in.

“He asked me my name, and I said the wrong name.  I knew it was wrong and yet I still said it!” said Brown. “When I was stuck to the chair, it felt like somebody had put glue on my feet, I just could not move! I wasn’t really scared, just a little anxious. I’ve never actually been to anything like this before, and that’s the reason I decided to come tonight, but I had no idea I would get to be called up on stage.”

While a magician never reveals their secrets, Lavore was more than happy to relate what drew him to become a magician in the first place.

“I actually didn’t realize I wanted to be a magician until much later in life,” said Lavore. “It’s funny because I fell into this not thinking ‘I’m going to be a professional magician.’  I was looking for something that I could do that didn’t feel like work, something that I could be artistic with and have fun with. I like taking people to a place that they can’t go in any other art form.   You can’t really get that sense of complete wonder and mystery that you get from magic anywhere else.”