Making it up as we go: An entertaining send-off to an improvised semester

By: Dustin Petridge | Lifestyle Editor

Photo By: Michael Dunn | Photographer

On Nov. 18 at 7:00 p.m., Jaguar Productions went live on Zoom to present a virtual improvised comedy act with Pensacola’s own “Improvable Cause.” 

Improvable Cause is a monthly comedy show founded in 2005 that normally performs in-person for live audiences, but with COVID-19 restrictions, their team has been booking events exclusively over Zoom for colleges everywhere. 

With Jaguar Productions’ Thomas Fendley as one of the hosts, students in attendance were greeted by the opening act, Compton Smith, a local comedian from Demopolis, Alabama.  

A former South Alabama student himself, Smith performed with relatable college material and unique wordplay as an introduction to the night’s main event. 

At around 7:15, Smith turned over the mic to Improvable Cause, introduced first by Christina Cusack, a member of the group that orchestrated the night’s activities. 

For about an hour, the group presented an entertaining session of unscripted comedy supplemented by audience participation in the form of typing in the chat. 

In the classic style of improvised comedy, group members created scenarios with suggestions from the audience. They developed them as time went on, all in a creative and unexpectedly wild way. 

In the background and between acts, members of Jaguar Productions enthusiastically cheered in the chat, making in-person limitations seem virtually nonexistent. 

“I thought the event was great. They flowed with the material well, had great interaction with the chat, and were funny,” advisor James Contratto said.

While this semester proved to be stressful and unorganized at seemingly every turn, moments of comedy like this event provided a great break from the year’s uncertainty so far. 

As a final send-off to the virtual events hosted by Jaguar Productions, Improvable Cause created an atmosphere to escape reality for a short time, giving hope that the next year will be a great one.

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