Mind Over Matter

By Ebonee Burrell | Reporter

Video by Ebonee Burrell

The Black Student Union presented Mind Over Matter, a mental health series, which focuses on mental health issues for students at the University of South Alabama.

Mind Over Matter consisted of three parts: We Matter, He Matters and She Matters. Its goal is to break the stigma of mental illnesses in men and women.

Students openly discussed how to deal with serious mental illnesses such as bipolar disorder, depression, anxiety, schizophrenia and more. Each individual shared different ways of how they cope with their struggle with mental health.

“Talking to anyone helps, even if it’s another student,” said Kayla Hammond, a member of BSU.

Dawn Greathouse, a member of Lifeline Counseling Services, showed a presentation that recommended several ways to deal with depression and how to support others who are depressed. Greathouse encourages students to be open and not afraid to reach out to others about seeking help. Lifelinesmobile.org offers counseling, assistance, and referrals to help support those dealing with mental health issues.

“A person with depression feels powerless to control their situations,” said Greathouse.

Greathouse suggested there should be mandatory training for students to learn more about mental health. Greathouse also suggested having more involvement in the community to spread awareness and prevent incidents that are caused by mental illnesses.

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