Mobile Elections Headed to Runoff

By: Kenyan Carter | Staff Writer |

Photo Source: Mobile City Gov

Mobile county held its 2021 municipal election on Friday Aug. 24. The races included incumbent mayor Sandy Stimpson running for reelection and seven city council seats up for grabs. 

Stimpson won reelection by a large margin getting 62 percent of the vote share according to WKRG news. Stimpson was followed by Councilman Fred Richardson, who was in second-place with 22% and third-place was municipal judge Karlos Finley with 14.3%. This will be Stimpson’s third term as mayor.  

Stimpson spoke at his victory party after the votes were tallied. “I want to tell all Mobilians, even those that did not work for me. I can promise you that we will work just as hard for you, Stimpson said. “We’re going to work to earn your vote and work to earn your trust.” 

City council districts 1,2 and 6 will go to a runoff vote on Oct. 5. The election results are posted below.

Mobile Mayor (decided)

Donavette Ely142.42
Karlos Finley4,87614.26
Fred Richardson7,56822.14
Sandy Stimpson21,36562.49
Michael Young239.70


City Council, District No. 1 (goes to runoff)

Perry Berens2064.37
Timothy “Tim” Hollis2625.56
Cory Penn1,65235.07
Herman Thomas1,32028.02
Chamyne Fortune Thompson1,08022.93
John Westbrook, Jr.1232.61
Tony Wright681.44

City Council, District No. 2 (goes to runoff)

Jason A. Caffey3547.37
William Carroll1,08522.59
Reggie Hill1903.96
Levon C. Manzie2,27947.45
Kimberly McKeand1633.39
Mark Minnaert73215.24


City Council, District No. 3 (decided)

Xaviaire A. G. Carnrike33510.37
C. J. Small2,89689.63


City Council, District No. 4 (decided)

Fred Rettig1,85735.11
Ben Reynolds3,43264.89


City Council, District No. 5 (decided)

Tex Copeland3658.85
Joel Daves3,09875.14
Wilecia Wright66016.01


City Council, District No. 6 goes to runoff)

Tony Dughaish66111.48
Scott Jones2,50043.41
Derly Pendelton4367.57
Josh Woods2,16237.54


City Council, District No. 7 (decided)

Alan J. Barnes1,09419.80
Gina Gregory4,43280.20

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