Movie Night with Hallyu

By: Kayla Smith | Contributing Writer

On Oct. 15, the Hallyu club hosted a movie night showcasing Korean film Sunny in the Student Center.  The club, established in Fall 2017, is dedicated to establishing a safe community in which like-minded individuals may explore Korean culture through new ways of entertainment pop culture, language learning. 

Their movie of choice was a feel-good story about friends reconnecting after 25 years apart after one of them is diagnosed with cancer. Students piled into the Student Center Terrace Room with bowls of popcorn ready to watch. The movie was subtitled for their non-Korean or novice speakers. Hallyu made sure anyone who came to see the movie could enjoy it.

According to Jazzlyn Hatcher, the current president, Hallyu plans to host more student driven events in the future. The club members vote on which activity to do next, allowing everyone to have a say in their experience exploring Korean cultures. 

Hallyu takes what their members’ interests and develops a plan surrounding those. In the past, they have hosted K-pop dance workshops and a horror movie night  last Halloween.

 “We try to ask members about events they would like and try to hear their voice as well.” Hatcher said when asked about any future plans for Hallyu. “But we don’t just do movies, we do culturally based things as well. This semester we are hoping to do a Taekwondo class together, and we were also thinking about hosting a celebration next semester for the Lunar New Year. We are hoping to do a joint celebration with Students Interested In Chinese Culture (S.I.C.C.) because Korea and China both celebrate the Lunar New Year.”