New Issue of Due South Released

By: Kenyan Carter | News Editor

Due South released its latest issue on Friday, Nov. 20. Due South is the critically acclaimed student lifestyle magazine at South Alabama created and curated by students about students.

Due South seeks to capture the culture of the South Alabama community. As described on its virtual catalog, “The magazine has strived to capture the true spirit of USA and the Mobile area, with its diverse trends, styles and attitudes. We [Due South] regularly spotlight art, music, people, destinations, entertainment, taste and more.”

Due South was also at the center of controversy when their former printing company refused to publish an issue for representing LGBTQ lifestyles.  

This issue’s tagline is “The New Normal,” covering trends and topics that’s happened this year, from facemask fashion to political activism.

Liv George, a junior at South studying multimedia journalism and political science, is the Editor-in-Chief of Due South.

This is George’s first release as Editor-in-Chief taking over for South Alabama Alumna Sara Boone and the first issue to come out during COVID.

“The imposter syndrome hit really hard right around midterms,” George said. “I was like oh no. I don’t think I should be in charge, I don’t know what I’m doing! But it turns out that I actually did know what I was doing.”

George said she got lots of encouragement throughout the process.

“I had a bunch of really good support,” George said. “Sara herself would text me and be like ‘no, it’s ok you know what you’re doing, you’re overthinking it and it’s ok. I also had Dr. Ahearn from the communications department and she’s awesome. Also, my assistant editor is great. I just had a really good support system.”

George said getting the magazine together during Covid created unique challenges.

“We had to do photoshoots way different than we normally do them this semester to try and stay within the COVID regulations,” George said. “If we had photoshoots where the models were going to be standing next to each other, we tried to get people that already see each other outside of classes to mix the fewest amount of germs possible. There’s an article about love in a pandemic and it’s a couple kissing and we did the legwork to find a real couple so that we weren’t exposing anyone to germs that they weren’t already exposed to.” 

The DueSouth magazine is free of charge and copies are available around campus. You can access the digital version of this and past issues here.