New Year, New Semester

By: Kaytlin Thornton | Contributor

Photo by: Michael Dunn | Photographer

2020 was certainly a year like no other, for the whole world, but especially for South students. Between the COVID-19 pandemic forcing everyone into a new normal, multiple hurricanes, and an election that the American people will likely never forget, the fall semester almost never stopped throwing challenges our way.

However, a new year brings a new semester, new hopes, and new opportunities. South students are back on campus and are hopeful for what the next few months will bring. Like junior communications major Makayla Tamaino, most students are eager to get back to in-person classes and obtain some sense of normalcy.

“For this new semester I’m looking forward to new opportunities, in hopes that it might be a little bit different from last fall,” Tamaino said. “I’m excited for more in-person classes, and getting to meet new classmates so that I can enjoy the social interaction aspect of college. I hope that 2021 will be the year where things go back to our usual normal.”

Although not all classes will return to traditional instruction due to the pandemic, students are still very excited to get back to their coursework and the classes they are passionate about. 

Sophomore Lauren Barksdale only has one face-to-face class this semester, and while online classes have taken some adjusting, she’s still very eager to jump back in. 

“This year has definitely been different with still having no in-person events and having to take most classes virtually, but I am excited about the one class I have that meets in person,” Barksdale said. “It’s a photography class, and just getting to see people in real life and have a sense of community in my classes has been really great.”

Other South students are also prepared for any challenges the semester might bring. Freshman Shelby Pasley experienced a wild first semester of college; however, she decided not to let any of the challenges she faced in her first semester intimidate her.

“Freshman year here has taught me a lot of things already,” Pasley said. “It’s also prepared me for a lot, considering it’s so different from highschool, but I’m excited to see what challenges me this semester so that I can be more prepared for next year!”

It seems that students all over campus are ready to shake off 2020 and welcome in the new semester with fresh eyes and a hopeful outlook.