Outdoor Adventures Puts on Ladies’ Night

By: Gracie King | Feature Editor | mhk1724@jagmail.southalabama.edu

Photo by: Michael Dunn | Photographer

Got a hankering for some mild thrill-seeking? Outdoor Adventures (OA) is a great place to get some creative exercise, meet new people and try something different. 

OA held their Ladies’ Night themed climbing event on Jan. 21. This event offers women on campus an opportunity to meet and climb comfortably with other women at the Rec Center’s rock wall. 

“Ladies’ climbs are a great place for beginners to get the chance to climb in an inclusive, uplifting environment while having fun with other ladies,” said Brooke Trochesset, senior student supervisor of OA. “Everyone always seems to bond, and, even when we play games, there’s no intense competition, just tons of cheering and encouragement. It reminds me why I started coming to the climbing wall in the first place.”

The sport of rock climbing has historically been a male-dominated sport, though women have been an integral part of the sport’s development. Oftentimes, there is little female representation in the world of rock climbing. OA strives to help bridge that gap by hosting these kinds of events and advocating for more diversity in rock climbing. 

“I really enjoyed Ladies’ Night!” said South student Jamie Carpenter after the event. “Between the music, the incredibly helpful and positive employees, and the different routes, I had a lot of fun!”

At this event, employees like to point out a few well-known female climbers and mountaineers, like Junko Tabei, who was the first woman to summit Mt. Everest, and Lynn Hill, who is considered to be the strongest climber of her time. 

“I really enjoy seeing newer women come in interested and engaged,” said Layla Wales, a freshman student worker for the OA program. “It’s nice to see them asking questions and willing to try new things and fail with less fear of being judged.”

This is the second Ladies’ Night event that Outdoor Adventures has put together, with the first being last semester. If you missed this one, OA will be hosting more of these events on Feb. 18, March 25 and April 22. Bring your friends and learn to climb at the next OA event!