People of South, Featuring Ernie Seewer

By: Gracie King | Feature Editor |

On all college campuses, there always seems to be that one person everyone recognizes. Whether a guy on a unicycle or a friendly fellow student, there’s always that familiar face. Students at South Alabama have taken notice of the neighborly man on the bicycle taking in the sights of the campus or making friendly conversation with students and faculty. 

Ernest Seewer, fondly known by many as Ernie, is a retired veteran and media production specialist for the USA College of Medicine. After joining the military a year after graduating high school, Seewer was stationed in Germany until his discharge in 1972. 

“I’m a graduate of Davidson High School, class of 1967. In 1968, I joined the United States Army and was stationed in Germany until 1972. After my discharge from the military, I enrolled at USA using my GI Bill benefits. I graduated with a B.A. Degree in English/Lit,” says Seewer of his history at South. 

After retiring from the College of Medicine, Ernie became somewhat of a staple on campus, specifically at the Student Recreation Center. Employees and patrons alike see him zipping along on his bicycle or cheerfully doing laps at the indoor pool. He is also a lifetime alumni member with South, a status that puts his name on Moulton Tower and allows him to meet new people at football games. 

“You might have seen me riding my bicycle across campus on my way to the Rec Center. I’m happiest when I’m riding my bike each morning. I enjoy the freedom of my bicycle where I can stop and engage people, places, and things,” said Seewer.

Shipley Zimlich, a senior Exercise Science major, is a lifeguard at the SRC and happens to be one of the students who regularly interacts with Seewer at the pool. 

“Ernie regularly visits the indoor pool and lifeguards love seeing him. His energetic and positive attitude is infectious. The two things he always asks is ‘How does the water feel?’ and ‘Can you turn on the party playlist?’”

Seewer also delights in spending time with his friends and family, many of whom are Mobile natives, as well. 

“My only brother is none other than Roy Seewer, the owner and proprietor of the famous Butch Cassidy’s Cafe here in Mobile. I love Roy’s Black Eyed Peas, and if you’ve never tried his award-winning Butch Burger, I can guarantee you are in for one Epicurean Delight,” said Seewer. 

Ernie is one of the many kind-hearted and kindred spirits that spreads their light all over campus, looking to encourage students and faculty alike. If you see him riding his bike on campus, be sure to say hi!