Salon: Tik Tok

By: Keylee Fillingim | Contributing writer

The month of March has been said to have lasted a year long. With COVID 19 spreading like an ugly rumor, the nation is being required to stay in lockdown. With classes being canceled and hair salons closing, young adults across the country are turning to Tik Tok, a popular social media platform, for hair inspiration.

Videos on Tik Tok are circling the internet of girls cutting and dying their hair, resulting in this new trend. Friends spontaneously go out to buy dye or find kitchen scissors to change up their hair.  

Social media influencers like Youtuber Emma Chamberlain, inspire millions daily. From 8.8 million Youtube followers or 5 million Tik Tok followers, people are being inspired to act and look like her. When 19-year-old Kimberly Lim saw Chamberlain’s bleached chunk of hair on Tik Tok, she decided to do the same. 

Considered an essential worker, Lim spends her days working as a server at Foosackly’s, a chicken finger chain fast food restaurant originated in Mobile. Lim mentioned to a co-worker and certified cosmetologist, Laney McDonald, that she wanted to bleach her hair. This resulted in two other employees joining her in McDonald’s mother’s salon across the street. Mcdonald bleached Lim’s hair and dyed her own and coworker Sydnee Bacon’s hair purple. 

“All we do is go to work and come home, so this was something fun for all of us to do while we are waiting for things to pass,” said Lim.

Lim is not the only person following this two-tone trend. If you scroll through Tik Tok, you will see more and more girls showing off this new fad. After seeing multiple results, Noelle VanLoy took matters into her own hands. Being a “spunky” 20-year-old living in Chicago, VanLoy colored the majority of her hair dark brown and bleached two strips in the front blonde.

“I dyed it myself with a box of bleach from Target,” said VanLoy. 

Young adults are addicted to Tik Tok.  With over a billion downloads, The average viewing time is nearly one hour. Spending an hour on the app creates the inspiration to try out new challenges and trends. 

“I spend the majority of my time on Tik Tok now,” said Lim. “People are constantly posting creative challenges or dances that I want  to try out or post.”

Tik Tok has some people taking challenges to the next level. Young adults are now cutting their hair as a part of their quarantine things.

20-year-old South student and member of Kappa Delta sorority, Megan Thompson, passed by a video girl cutting her bangs, while scrolling through Tik Tok. Thompson thought the Tik Tok user’s bangs were “cute,” resulting in her spontaneous midnight decision that she needed bangs. After watching one video, Thompson became her own stylist. 

“It was not planned, I cut them at midnight after thinking about it for five minutes,” said Thompson. “It’s something different, and my friends love them!”
Stores are closing down and businesses are shutting down. With a nationwide lockdown, young adults who are used to going out and about, are having to find something to spend time doing. Tik Tok has become a way for young adults to be creative during this time, including creating an at-home salon to permanently dye and cut their own hair.