Six months missing: Danniella Vian

By: Marisa Palpallatoc | Reporter

The family and friends of a missing Mobile mother Danniella Vian are still searching for answers six months after she was reportedly last seen.

While there are no new reported leads, the community is becoming more aware of Vian’s disappearance as time goes on.

Vian’s mother-in-law, Julie Thomas, and friend and former coworker, Shanna Haden, are just two of the many who are trying to find out what happened to 25-year-old Vian who disappeared on the night of July 17, 2018.

“Now that it’s been six months, people are starting to take it seriously,” said Thomas. “They’re not thinking that she just ran off, anymore.”

Vian went missing from a Shell gas station on Government Boulevard. According to reports, Vian and an acquaintance, Denson White, had just left Dublin Irish Pub, across the street from the University. White told Thomas they had planned to go to Ollie’s Mediterranean Grill. Vian, who was following White in her own car, signaled for him to pull over because she realized her phone was missing. It was at this gas station where her car’s GPS was disabled.

January 17 marked six months since Vian and her car, an Atlantic blue four-door Chevrolet Cruze, vanished without a trace.

According to statements White made to Thomas, Vian and White decided to head back to the bar to see if her phone was there. White arrived at Dublin and found Vian’s phone but Vian and her car have not been seen since.

“Social media is our biggest tool,” said Haden. “And the news sources here too I think have been a big help.”

A few businesses, both local and larger corporations are helping to spread the word as well. Lamar Advertising leaves a spot for Vian’s face and information on their billboard on Airport Boulevard just before Cody Road, free of charge. Vian’s former place of work, Hurricane Grill and Wings held a car wash fundraiser for the search effort.

Thomas has also been interviewed by John Lordan, host of BrainScratchers on LordanARTS YouTube channel. Lordan’s channel covers criminal cases that are mysteries, conspiracy theories, and it has a segment called Searchlight for missing people. Her goal is to continue to spread the word in the hope that she reaches someone who saw something.

Haden and Thomas are also asking for the public to recall anything from July 17 if they were at any of the places Vian had been or might have been that night: Heroes Sports Bar and Grille on Hillcrest Road, Dublin Irish Pub – which has since been closed and reopened with the name Timothy O’Sullivan’s – or Ollie’s Mediterranean Grille.

Haden suggested that anyone who might’ve taken pictures that night should examine the photos and see if they notice Vian or anything unusual.

Haden wanted to remind the public to be on the lookout for Vian’s car, which went missing with the Pearl Motors temporary tag still attached to the back.

“If it’s still being driven around, it probably doesn’t have a paper tag anymore, it’s probably got a tag thrown over it or something like that,” Haden said. “So just in general, keep an eye out for the car and keep an eye out for her.”

Thomas is hoping to one day get some answers for her granddaughter, Vian’s daughter Cora, who celebrated her fifth birthday in December, without her mother. Thomas says Cora has positive memories of her mother but still misses her.

“Every now and then she asks about her,” said Thomas. “But she talks about her all the time…every outfit she’ll put on she’ll be like ‘This is what mommy got me,’ things like that.”

Mobile Police Department is offering a $5,000 reward for any information that leads to finding Vian. Mobile Police Department also has a blog aimed to help find Vian. Anyone with any information can post on the blog at If anybody has any information about Vian or her whereabouts, MPD asks that you visit the blog or notify them at 251-208-7211.