South Alabama Women’s Basketball Team Takes on Auburn at Home

By: Gracie King | Contributing Writer

On Wednesday, Dec. 4, the South Alabama Jaguars Women’s Basketball Team took on the Auburn Tigers at home, following the historic Men’s game on November 12th. The game was evenly favored between the two women’s teams as they had identical records: three wins and four losses. The last meeting of the teams was in 2010 which resulted in an Auburn 75-70 win. The Jaguars were prepared for the excitement of playing Auburn at home in the Mitchell Center.

At the beginning of the first quarter, Auburn presented strongly as they took first possession at tip-off and maintained a strong offense. South Alabama, however, was able to hold their own with guard Shaforia Kines shooting clean two and three-pointers. Auburn was able to keep up a faster pace and drive the score up 14-7 due to their initial lead at the beginning of the game. The Jaguars had a particularly difficult time maintaining a fortified defense. After Auburn’s seven-point run, the game stayed evenly matched as it was simply a back and forth between the two teams. The final score at the end of the first quarter was 19-15, with Auburn in the lead. 

South Alabama started fast and scored the first three-pointer of the quarter, immediately followed by an Auburn three-pointer. It became clear the rush of the second quarter brought South Alabama better offensive control if they were able to close the score gap from 22-18 to 24-23. Auburn was able to push back with a more aggressive offense going on an eight-point run to bring the score to 32-24. This was the largest lead by Auburn at this point in the game. After gaining offensive confidence, South Alabama brought the final score of the second quarter to 37-32 Auburn lead. 

South Alabama improved overall offensive technique and trailed closely behind Auburn at 42-41 very quickly into the third quarter. After a foul on Auburn, South Alabama took their first lead at 43-44. After a brief time out, South Alabama sunk a clean three-pointer, shortly followed by a seven-point run by Auburn. This brought the score to 52-47, Auburn in the lead. Though South Alabama started to let their defensive integrity down, they were able to score a two-pointer, bringing the final score of the third quarter to 56-49. 

Auburn started their possession scoring immediately. The Jags seemed unable to hold onto the ball through numerous turnovers, which resulted in a 12 point Auburn lead. Auburn took advantage of the many errors made by South by going on several fast breaks to bring the score to an Auburn 66-49 lead. South was able to hold on to the ball long enough to score a three-pointer, while still being closely defended by Tiger defense. It became clear in the second half of the quarter that Auburn was being more physical and proactive with their offense, bringing the score to 77-54. South tried to mend the 18 point gap in score with consecutive fast breaks and layups but was cut off by the clock. Jaguars guard Shaforia Kines led the team with 18 points for South. The final score of the game was 82-62. 

The Jaguars (3-5) will travel to face the Tulane Green Wave (4-5) tomorrow at 4 pm central.