South continues win streak over Trojans

By: Santeria Evans | Sports Editor

On Feb. 11, at the Mitchell Center, the South Alabama Jaguars men’s basketball team faced the Troy Trojans. The Jaguars were looking to continue their five win streak against the Trojans.

Senior John Pettway scored first points of the game with a two-point jumper just seconds after the start of the game, gaining the lead for the Jaguars. 

The two teams trailed each other closely, the largest lead of the game was four for the Jaguars and nine for the Trojans.

Sophomore Tyreke Locure, assisted by senior Micheal Flowers, made a three-pointer as they fought to gain the lead back during the first half of the game.

After producing four turnovers and six team fouls, the Jaguars trailed behind the Trojans but quickly scurried together points to end the first half tied at 36-36. Flowers led the team in the first half with 13 points.

The second half was a close game, the Jaguars and Trojans were scoring shot for shot as they continued to trail each other. 

Locure then made a layup assisted by junior Sam Iorio, which put the Jaguars back in the lead by two points.

Throughout the second half of the game, both teams continued to fight for the lead. With 2:19 on the clock, senior Kayo Goncalves shot a three point jumper and the crowd erupted with cheer as the Jaguars gained the lead 68-67.

As seconds began to run on the clock, at 00.22 Locure put the Jaguars in a three point lead and the Trojans called for a timeout. 

Head Coach Richie Riley talked about the Jag’s uphill battle for the win.

“It was rough out there, and the Trojans made it tough,” he said. “But we found a way to win. They did a nice job tonight. I am proud of our team and the progress they are making.”

The Jaguars defeated the Trojans 73-70 bringing their streak up to six wins.

The  Jaguars had four players score double digits for the first time since opening conference play at Georgia Southern on Jan. 1. Flowers with 18, Goncalves with 11 and Pettway with 14 were a part of both groups, while Curry scored 12 against the Eagles and Locure scored 14 against the Trojans.

The Jaguars traveled to Troy, AL on Feb. 13 where they again defeated the Trojans 58-51.

Up next, the Jaguars will travel to Boone, N.C., for the final road trip of the season, playing against the Appalachian State Mountaineers. Tipoff for the first game is scheduled for Friday at 5 p.m. (CST).