South Sports FIFA 20 Tournament

By: Rachel Gonzalez | Reporter

South Sports hosted the first-ever FIFA 20 tournament last Thursday at the indoor soccer court. The goal of South Sports is to allow students to branch out from traditional sports and try something new. One way South Sports found to do this was through Esports, which is the future of competitive gaming.

“FIFA is a very popular game, especially for the international community here on campus,” Stephen Newhouse, Competitive Sports Specialist, said. “We want to reach out to students who don’t play traditional sports and allow them to participate in other ways.”

The indoor soccer court was the perfect location to hold the event since FIFA is a soccer video game and projecting the game off the walls allowed for the biggest screen possible. 

The tournament was a single-elimination style, and there were 16 participants. Players were put into brackets and either advanced to the next bracket if they won or eliminated if they lost. The winner of the tournament got a PS4 copy of the FIFA 2020 game.

Ali Alfayadh, a participant of the event, said that South Sports did a great job of promoting the event. His friends were also participants in the tournament and he enjoyed competing against them. 

“They marketed it very well on social media; I received many notifications through Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter,” Alfayadh said. “They do a really good job of bringing people together and the diversity we get to experience is great.”

Newhouse stated that South Sports intends to put on at least four Esports events per year. Intramural volleyball and softball registration open next week, and the second gaming event South Sports will have is a Mario Kart tournament in the last week of March.