South Students Paint and Sip for Oktsoberfest

By: Keylee Fillingim | Contributing Writer

South Alabama celebrated Oktsoberfest in the Student Center on Tuesday, Oct. 15. This event invited students to come out and enjoy mocktails and painting. Oktsoberfest is celebrated across the country to encourage students to give up alcohol for the month of October. South held Oktsoberfest on the week of Oct. 13.

Cameron Grier-Shepperd, Director of Black Student Union, hosted South Alabama’s Multicultural Student Affairs annual Paint and Sip Session. Students painted leaves, while sipping mocktails such as strawberry limeades also known as a strawberry mojito without alcohol. Inside the leaves students wrote certain words for being sober.

“That’s where I found my freedom,” said Grier-Sheppered, “anything artistic and helping others express themselves.” 

With midterms coming to an end and homecoming week approaching, students used the Paint and Sip as a stress reliever.

“I am in nursing school so this is a good release for me,” said BSU member, Alexandria Lee Thomas. “I am able to relax and not study while adding more decorations to my room.”

Multicultural Student Affairs used this event as an opportunity for college students to have fun without alcohol. Coordinator Trey Johnson, 23, believes it is possible for students to relax without drinking alcoholic beverages.

“We want students to know they can have fun and do it sober,” said Johnson.