South’s Talent on Stage: The Long-Awaited Winter Concert

By: Dustin Petridge | Lifestyle Editor

Photo courtesy of the University of South Alabama.

On March 4, the University of South Alabama presented the Wind Ensemble and Symphony Band for their annual winter concert. 

Performed at Laidlaw Performing Arts Center and live streamed to the University’s official YouTube channel, the band played a triumphant series of pieces for almost two hours. 

Hosting the night’s concert was the associate director of bands at South, Dr. Jason Rinehart. Rinehart has a long history of conducting bands, having maintained a leadership position at multiple universities since the mid-2000s. 

After being appointed to South in 2016, Rinehart served an oversight position as director and conductor for every band on campus, including the Athletic department and Opera program.

The band was introduced subtly and without commentary, leading into the first piece, a luscious performance that lasted for five minutes. 

A series of triumphant pieces, whose names were not specified, were performed after a unique combination of modern electronic music and classical instrumentation was displayed within the first half of the concert. 

Instruments of every shape and size were arranged and removed throughout the night to allow room for different band sections.

When addressing the band’s arrangement’s overall format, Rinehart commented that “This was not the full band but as many as we could fit on the stage.”

A few pieces performed were especially unexpected for the usual theme of band formality, including one using only percussion instruments and another using mallets and bells.

After a brief intermission, the band continued by playing a few anthemic pieces, each over five minutes, that showcased every instrument from the Symphony Band’s inventory. 

Dr. Rinehart closed the night’s concert with some insight into how the pandemic has altered every band performance so far, following Covid-19 guidelines such as sanitation of the concert area between pieces. 

The concert was a great display of the wide talents South’s band students bring to the table every night and demonstrated a passion for performance.

For more information on how you can view these events in the future, visit the Department of Music’s website