Staying Productive During Quarantine

By: Parker Roach | Contributing Writer


The process of quarantine was similar for all students. At first, we were shocked and in denial, wondering how we were going to be able to transition to online classes for a whole month. Now, all of a sudden, most of us are displaced, being “trapped” in our hometowns until August. One minute, we are taking a full load of classes, working a part-time job, and being involved with multiple clubs and organizations. The next minute, we have wide-open schedules with little to no access to libraries, restaurants, gyms, or friends.

I get it, it can be really easy to allow the days to slip away and have our time stolen by laziness and complacency. However, these days remain very crucial to our academic careers and our productivity. So how do we remain productive with completely open schedules?

1. Wake up at a reasonable time.

We’re free of the 8 a.m. classes and early morning commitments, making it very tempting to sleep until noon every day. However, the absence of early obligations is no excuse for us to sleep in every day. That first half of the day is precious time that we will never get back. Get up, make your bed so you can’t get back in it, and use that time wisely.

2. Dress reasonably.

There’s no need to wear a suit and tie or anything, but don’t lay around in your underwear either. Find a nice middle ground and dress presentably so that you can do presentable work. 

3. Have a designated workspace

Separate your workspace from your chill space. To put it simply, don’t try to do homework in your bed. Your mind is going to get confused by trying to work in the same space you sleep. Set up a desk or a table to work on school-related or other productive things.

4. Don’t just do school

School is great and all, and make sure you excel at it, but don’t let it become the only thing you do during this quarantine. While our activities are limited, there are plenty of opportunities to work on projects, take up a hobby, improve yourself, etc. Now is the time to finally rearrange your bedroom, or learn how to play that instrument you’ve always wanted to be great at. Have you never had time to work out with your busy schedule? Problem solved. 

I’m a firm believer that there’s a silver lining in every bad situation. These next few weeks are going to be hard, but let’s be sure to make the most of it and find the good in it.