Stealing the Spirit of Halloween

By: Zora Rich | Contributing Writer

Photo courtesy of Getty Images

You may have heard of the Grinch trying to steal the spirit out of Christmas, but what about those who are trying to steal the spirit of Halloween? On Oct. 6, the Spirit Halloween on Airport Boulevard was robbed. 

At around 4:15 p.m., a young man in his early 20s was allegedly seen carrying a 10-gallon black garbage bag with decorations, masks, and costumes hanging out as he walked straight out of the store. Several employees ran after him and said there was a getaway car pulled up to the front of the store, waiting for the suspect to exit with stolen goods. Moments later, the employees returned, one carrying a “Chucky” mask that was dropped in the rush to hop into the vehicle. 

The employee that grabbed the mask said the vehicle was an “old, beat up, white Honda.” Employees claimed that it looked like the suspect had stolen close to $500 worth of merchandise. Another employee mentioned she had seen the same man, just a few nights before, wandering the store looking “suspicious.” 

Unfortunately, this is not an uncommon occurrence with the seasonal chain store Spirit Halloween. Over the past several Halloween seasons, whenever a Spirit Halloween takes up shop, robberies follow close behind. According to reports, over the past several Halloween seasons, Spirit Halloween shops around the country have been targeted by thieves in the weeks before the holiday.

Spirit Halloween donates money, decorations, costumes, and accessories to children in hospitals in hopes of making hospitals a less scary place for kids who have to spend their holidays there. Since 2007, Spirit Halloween has donated close to $93 million dollars to children in need. Beyond just providing all things necessary to throw an awesome Halloween party for children in the hospital, Spirit also donates money directly to therapy programs, educational items, and toys in all 154 of their partner hospitals.

By stealing from a Spirit Halloween, thieves are not just stealing merchandise, they are stealing potential donations from a charity whose goal is to bring a little bit of comfort to children in need.